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Davit Muradyan

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"Hard work is the future of the youth."

How do you regain strength, escape despair, and overcome difficulties? Davit Muradyan was able to discover the answers to these questions himself. The career of a boy from Vanadzor started developing when he made the most critical decision: continuing what was left unfinished but with more hard work and dedication.

About Davit

Davit Muradyan is 22 years old; he was born on October 17, 1999, in Vanadzor. He studied at secondary school #9 after Kh. Abovyan. He studied at the local PhysMath school for three years, then entered Vanadzor State Pedagogical Institute to study Actuarial-Financial Mathematics. After studying for one semester, David left for military service. He was demobilized from the army on February 1, 2020. He continued to study the profession on his own. Now, he lives and works in Yerevan. In March 2021, he joined Learning Mission and studied the C++ programming.

On Hard Work And Education

Despite lacking a university background, David realized that education and hard work are the best foundation for the future. This life lesson was given to him by his brother, and he guided him and advised him to study on his own, to continue what he left unfinished, and to become a programmer.

"I started browsing the internet. I watched many videos and tried to understand how to become a good programmer. Believe me, it was very difficult for me," David remembers.

Programming As A Profession

The idea of becoming a programmer followed Davit Muradyan while studying at the university and serving in the army. He says he does not imagine himself in any other profession. To become a programmer, you have to be patient, hardworking, and love what you do.

"I love this profession. Some people work only for the salary, but in my case, it's the opposite. I study and work for pleasure. Money, of course, is important, but in this case it's secondary. If you don't like your job, you will quit some time later," says Davit Muradyan.

Learning Mission And Future Programmer Davit

Davit connects his life success and career growth with Learning Mission. Thanks to this educational program, he could improve his knowledge, find a job, and teach.

"I heard about Learning Mission and applied to study programming. Before that, I was studying Web programming on my own. At Learning Mission, I also learned C++ programming language: The learning process took four months," Davit says.

At Learning Mission, Davit accumulated so much knowledge that he started to teach others. It's already been a month he has been teaching programming. According to him, education opens doors for any young person, solves problems, and brings you to your goals.

About The Job

Now, Davit has already found a job. Davit is a Web programmer in one of Learning Mission's partner companies - Locator. He applies the knowledge gained at Learning Mission in practice, improves his skills, and earns money. He hasn't lost connection with Learning Mission. He is managing the Company's social media pages. He proudly emphasizes that he prepared the design version of the Learning Mission website.


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