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Gevorg Margaryan

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"Guys, everything will be alright."

20-year-old Gevorg is one of those brave young men who has seen a lot before he has lived half of his life - war, blood, pain, loss of a friend. Gevorg, like the other war heroes, has a lot to tell us. Conversation with him turns into a lesson full of advice and sententious stories.

About Gevorg

Gevorg Margaryan was born in Avshar village, Ararat region, on August 25, 2001. He studied at Avshar Secondary School. Then, he entered the Faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics at the Armenian-Russian University. After completing the first year, he enlisted in the army on July 29, 2020. He participated in the 44-day Artsakh War. In the spring of 2021, he joined Learning Mission and studied the C++ programming language and English.

About The War

Gevorg served at the "Martuni 2" military unit. He has been in the position since the first day of the war - September 27. The artilleryman confesses that he tries to talk less about the war because the memories of it are only disturbing.

"There was only bad news during the war. People heard the news of a friend's death or about losing territories. You were always waiting for your turn to come soon. The only inspiring episode was that in the event of a retaliatory strike, we hit the target, causing damage to the enemy. I was an artilleryman, calculating the 1st battery of the D-30 division," says Gevorg.

During those difficult days, only one thought kept running through the minds of Gevorg and his fellow service members: "We had to fight as hard as we could for every piece of land. I had only one idea in my mind: to protect the borders at any cost. It was a crucial goal", recalls the war veteran.

He says that the commanders had prepared them. They were well-versed in the military. They hit the enemy in such a way that they received combat medals for that. Gevorg Margaryan is a medalist of the NKR military service.

"The command has encouraged us in every way; it had our back. They said, guys, everything will be fine; do not think about anything. Whatever was up to us, we did," says Gevorg.

Gevorg was at the front line until October 23. On that day, he was wounded from an aviation shell and got phosphorus burns on different parts of his body. He was transported to Stepanakert Hospital and then to Yerevan, where he stayed until December 20.

"The first few days were difficult. I was thinking about my fallen friends; I was constantly seeing dreams where I was still on the battleground, and I wasn't able to sleep. We must not let our generation see that", Gevorg says.

After The War

Gevorg is very serious about his profession. After the war, he became more determined. He says he is going to be a good specialist.

"After the war, I was on a search. It is necessary to recover physically and mentally first. The support of my relatives at that time was essential. They were trying to help me with their advice", Gevorg says.

At that time, Gevorg learned about the programs being implemented for the servicemen who participated in the war.

Education Is The Future

After the war, Gevorg continued the treatment phase and decided that he should be constantly educating himself and moving forward. In addition to postgraduate education, Gevorg began to look for ways to find new educational opportunities, got acquainted with the programs of the Learning Mission organization, and joined the project.

"Despair is not for me. Especially now when we only need to get stronger. We must constantly learn and work. Our path must be knowledge-based. In addition to my postgraduate education and military service, I am currently studying English at Learning Mission. We must be filled with hope, realize that we must serve the country without expecting something in return," says Gevorg and continues, "Everything is still ahead; everything will be fine."


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