Learning Mission Armenia

Hayk Hakhverdyan

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"Our homeland does not need words, but care."

Homeland cannot be loved and protected with words: This is the creed of Hayk Hakhverdyan that has accompanied him throughout his conscious life. He is one of the pioneers in turning words into deeds. This is what he did when the homeland needed his physical support. This story is about 30-year-old Hayk Hakhverdyan, who left home and went to the front lines, took part in the 44-day Artsakh War, spent more than 60 days in positions, returned home, and resumed his life with new plans and goals.

About Hayk

Hayk studied at the Faculty of Physics and Technology of the Slavonic University. Then, in 2012-2014, he served in the Armenian Army. Then, he continued his education at the same faculty and received a master's degree. Due to his interest in information technologies, Hayk received his education at the Faculty of Physics and Technology. As he says, telecommunications is the future profession; it still needs new discoveries.


When the 44-day Artsakh War started, Hayk volunteered to take part in the defense of the homeland. The decision was hard on his parents, but everyone realized their child was unshakable in his decision; they had to come to terms with it.

"Loving the homeland and serving the homeland is the duty of every citizen. As an Armenian, I had to volunteer to take part in that war. I stayed on the front line for more than 60 days. Those were hard and cruel days. Every day, we heard about the death of one of our friends or the loss of territory. It was a psychological blow, but we had to endure and resist," remembers Hayk.

After The War

Hayk is a professional programmer, but he did not work in that field. When a ceasefire was declared, he could return from the front line, do everything hard and easy, draw new plans, and achieve them.

"I learned that there is a platform - Learning Mission, that provides mainly the young men who have participated in the war with education. That fact was very happy for me, so I decided to apply. I was accepted and started learning C++ programming language. Let me say that the lecturers were very prepared; they tried their best to give us the best knowledge. I started studying in February of this year, lasting until September. Now, we can say that I am ready to start working in the field of programming; I am taking steps in that direction," Hayk says.

About The Future

Now, Hayk has his group at Learning Mission. He teaches programming and tries to pass on the knowledge he has gained to others. He says he is more interested in the field of robotics. His next goal is to test his strength in engineering technologies. There is time, desire, and determination, too; all that remains is to move forward, leave the difficulties in the past, and live and create in the homeland with the hope of a promising future.