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Sevak Movsisyan

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"Victories are difficult to get."

Sevak Movsisyan's story is divided into two parts: before September 27, 2020, and after that. The day of the start of the war and the months following it will remain for him as memories of life, freedom, and the fight for justice. The past, present, and future of the 32-year-old from Martuni were scrambled on September 27 and cut off from ordinary everyday life.

About Sevak

Sevak Movsisyan was born on February 1, 1989, in the village of Berdashen, Martuni region of Artsakh. He received his secondary education at Monte Melkonyan School in Berdashen. After graduating, he entered the Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics of Artsakh State University to study programming.

In 2016, he took part in the Four-Day War in Martakert. He participated in the last Artsakh War on September 27, 2020. He was injured on November 3, 2020. From March 2021 until now, he has been learning the Java programming language at Learning Mission.

"We Must Defend The Country"

"It was September 27. I was in the village, lying in bed. It was 7:20 in the morning when I heard a voice. At first, I did not imagine that there were shots, but when those noises continued, I jumped up and realized that war had started. The fields and positions of the enemy are trembling from our house. There were drones in the distance, some of which flew over our heads," Sevak recalls.

Sevak and the other boys from the village immediately gathered at the village hall. The morning of the reservists started with the commander's call. "We must defend the country." He remembers that the enemy used all the equipment in the arsenal - artillery, UFOs, military planes, and helicopters.

"We miraculously survived several times. We did not notice how time was moving; it was already November. It was fate that came the day I had to defend my native Martuni. We went to participate in the defense of Martuni. We decided to take shelter somewhere to protect ourselves from artillery fire. It was November 3. Then the UFO hit us," says Sevak.

The following minutes and hours passed very slowly for Sevak. He regained consciousness for a moment while he was in a car, then at a military hospital, where he was treated with care.

About The Future: The Dream Of A Young Man From Artsakh

Sevak has various dreams and goals. He says he should get married, have many children, and develop his education.

"I am not married yet. It's a big goal for me and an obligation to get married. Only by multiplying and becoming stronger will we be able to defend our homeland with a good education. We must always remember and keep in mind the idea that victories are given with difficulty," Sevak emphasizes.

Sevak did not work for many years. Learning Mission became part of his daily routine, where he regained his programming skills and learned Java. Even now, in Learning Mission, Sevak is constantly taking practical courses, revealing all the profession's nuances. He is also on probation at Learning Mission's partner DISQO and will achieve great professional success.

"I want my story to be about overcoming difficulties, about a strong human will and determination," concludes Sevak.


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